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October 24 2017

Fuck texting, come over.


not to be a downer but your twenties are super hard and super lonely and tv lied and it’s not glamorous at all and if you are having a hard time it’s ok and it’s normal and you’ll be ok

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- Black beauty. Clingstone . Agot  17′

Ph. Heather Lighton 

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Henri Matisse - ‘La Danse’, 1948  

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✧ ・🕸️ ° 🎃 O c t o b e r : Movies To Watch This H a l l o w e e n 🎃 ° 🕸️ ・✧

its me, booboo the fucking dumbass idiot bitch

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October 23 2017


lately i have been…….dying to be in love…,..and that’s the mood sadly

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Pink 💕

Styled, modeled, and shot by Me

IG: VisionsByJuice
Twitter: TrademarkJuice

I looooveeee!!! 😭

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these blew up on twitter but they won’t on here and that’s ok

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Glad to see my seasonal depression is right on time as always

October 22 2017


my favorite thing about Black American humor is that it’s all tied up in nuances and references and in-group knowledge and if you ain’t a nigga, you usually don’t get it and that’s 110% on purpose and it’s the best


I’m craving all the intimacy in the world right now

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when she jumped, she probably thought she’d fly

naked persephone | february 2017

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