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May 22 2018

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Rihanna’s Silk Moments.

May 20 2018

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I fuckin love that sense of pride you get from seeing your mans positively Slumped from getting that thang thrown back at him. Like bitch I Did That


my heart is an overgrown garden


On this blog we worship women of color

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Can you imagine the heat?? Badass af

How could you forget all the cool heavy metal ladies!? The metal scene of Botswana is NOT just a boys club

Anyone know any of the names of these individual’s groups? I love metal music and I’m always looking for new bands to listen to.

Wrust is my fave. Overthrust, Gunsmoke, and Demon are also good. 

PS in Botswana metal heads are called Marok, and lady metalheads call themselves Queens and give themselves badass nicknames like Phoenix Death Serpent.

May 19 2018

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ig: marzena.marideko ✨

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Eating that shit up


Be so rooted in your being that nobody’s absence or presence can disturb your inner peace.

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Tennis legend Serena Williams and her husband  arrive at George’s Chapel, Windsor for the royal wedding of Prince Henry of Wales to Meghan Markle. May 19, 2018

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Danai Gurira for Ebony Magazine June 2018

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I am going to make a very beautiful life for myself no matter what it takes

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you are not unloveable just because people have treated you poorly

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